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Photo Of Wiz Kid Girlfriend


Guess who all wanna know who Wiz Kid is going out with. He recently show us in Twitter, his lover. Check it out Latest post? Always check http://naijatips.com for latest tips

Photo Of Wiz Kid Girlfriend


Guess who all wanna know who Wiz Kid is going out with. He recently show us in Twitter, his lover. Check it out Latest post? Always

How to Register For ICAN Exams

ICAN has we all know is Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. It is a body that guide, regulates and control the Chartered Accountants in Nigeria. I previously wrote a post on how to Register for ICAN in Nigeria. If you had missed it, Go Now To How To Apply For Institute of Chartered Accountant Of Nigeria, ICAN After Registering for ICAN, you may like to register for the examination so as to pass and qualify as a Chartered Accountant. The purpose of this post is to guide Read more […]

Big Belly Man Get Stucked Trying to Jail Break


A heavy bellied man trying to jailed break in a brazilian prison get stucked Inmate Rafael Valadao, who weighs a hefty 16 stone, ended up surrounded by giggling guards after a failed attempt to break out of jail in the Brazilian city of Ceres. Firefighters stepped in around 2am this morning after the two inmates waiting their turn behind failed to push him through the hole they had made with a metal bar. Read more […]

Chevening Scholarships Post Graduate Scholarship 2012


Chevening Scholarships is not only offer of financial support to study for a Master’s degree at the UK’s leading universities, but the opportunity to become part of an influential and highly regarded global network. Chevening Scholarships in Nigeria are for talented people who have been identified as potential future leaders, decision makers and opinion formers.  We accept applications from a wide range of subject areas, however we particularly welcome applicants with a background or academic Read more […]

Robert Stafsing Freerunner survive after horror fall between two buildings


Freerunner cheats death after horror fall between two buildings leaves him needing 19 titanium plates in his face A daredevil has cheated death after a running jump between two buildings went horribly wrong. Swedish freerunner Robert Stafsing’s video of the misjudged jump, titled GBGX3M: Brutal parkour Crash has attracted over 100,000 views on YouTube. The compilation begins by showing of Stafsing’s skills – he successfully negotiates roof-jumps, enthusiastic somersaults, and running up walls. See Read more […]

Former Super Eagle Goal Keeper, Peter Rufai, Slump and has not woken up

Former Super Eagles goal keeper and captain, Peter Rufai, yesterday night suddenly slumped inside his office. The football Icon, 49, was rushed to Toki Hospital off Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere where doctors are doing everything they can to stabilize him. His younger brother Bruce Rufai said he’s yet to come around and doctors don’t know yet why he slumped. Bruce told sports journalist, Kayode Tijani, that Peter has been taking the death of their 78 year old mother badly since her passing some Read more […]

Some Exciting Trending Tweet. #UnluckyBastard

Yesterday was fun because one ☀̤̣̈̇f †нε trending tweet in Nigeria #unluckbastard was so hilarious. I laugh απδ laugh απδ I just wanna post some of †нε tweets here for you to see. #UNLUCKY BASTARD “@emperorhootie: #UnluckyBastard.U see Anaconda snake for inside ur room and as U wan kill am,NEPA take light.”” “@wakanO_oca: Wins 10million in Lottery. World Ends Next Day #UnluckyBastard”” “@madeinlagos: U buy a pair of shoes for 2000 dollars,only for d shoe 2 arrive and it Read more […]

National Theatre To Spend N22m On Typewriters Procurement in Digital Age


In the 21st century when most of the world’s typewriter manufacturing companies have long closed shops, the National Theatre is spending a whopping sum of N22.8 million to purchase the few remaining ones. Investigation by Leadership newspaper confirmed that the National Theater provided for N22.8 million in its 2012 budget for the purchase of typewriters. The item, which comes under the heading “Purchase of fixed assets – general” has other items as purchase of office furniture and fittings, Read more […]