Ladies: Seven Signs He’s Thinking About Dumping You

Ever wonder if your man is secretly hoping to end your relationship? Here are clues that you’re about to lose him – and how to get things back on the right track. 1. Critical conditions The Everly Brothers nailed it – ‘starting to criticise little things’ you do is the most common sign your man has lost that lovin’ feeling. When you find yourself berated for everything, from the way you chew your food through to your choice of career, take notice. This behaviour has been identified Read more […]

75 Better Ways To Show Love In A Relationship

Mid-adult couple sleeping

This 75 better ways to show love in a relationship will definitely change your life if you apply it diligently and effectively. Do you wonder what more more can you do to your spouse, fiancée etc to make him or her love you more? You don’t have wait that long, just practice the below ways and steps. He or She will be all yours. 75 Better Ways to Show Love in Relationship  1. A kiss on the forehead 2. Uninterrupted quality time 3. A note under the pillow 4. Tell him when he looks Read more […]

HELP!!!! I Love My Boyfriend So Much ….. But He Is Too Proud!!


kindly advise me on this issue cos am confused and simply dont know what to do.i have a guy who i have been dating for over 3yers now.i love him so much and i think he loves me too.this guy could be so loving and caring but i have a lot of isues with this guy and he seems lik he is not ready for a change. when we talk about pride,dis my boyfriend he so proud (maybe becos he is comfortable),extremely possesive,gets angry easily even over lil isues,and when angry he uses abusive words on me like Read more […]

How To Know If A Girl Is Not Satisfied With Your Love

I guess this should be an eye opener for guys having trouble to know what’s wrong with the behaviour of their Partner. Here are the 10 Major things that happen when she’s not satisfied with your love. You Will Know a Girl is Not satisfied with your LOVE when : 1. She keeps on Posting her phone Number in social Networks. 2. She is ready to meet anybody as long as she is asked to. 3. She entertains strangers with Daring words such as Dear, byb e.t.c 4. She is concentrated with her friends Read more […]

Why Women Cheat In A Relationship

Why women cheat in relationship is a question one need to quickly answer because it is really get out of hand. In order to solve a problem, one need to see the reason so as to know the ways of solving the problem. Below are the basic reasons why women cheat in a relationship Women cheat because of boredom After years of marriage when people get so settled into their lives, it’s easy to start passing each other off as flesh furniture. Both parties may have their own careers, and the home and family Read more […]

Why It Is Normal For A Man To Cheat

A study has found men are always likely to cheat despite loving their partners and never wishing to leave them and suggests that society embrace more “sexually open relationships”. According to sociologist Eric Anderson, cheating gives the men the best of both worlds. And most of them who do still want to stay with their partner – they just want to have more sex on the side, the Daily Mail reported. Monogamy has ostracised men from doing what they most want to do, says the American sociologist, Read more […]