Photo of the Day: What is He Doing there?


I just this photo and I guess I should post it here. What the hell is he doing down there?   I need answer please Share this

Picture of The Day


What do you think about this?

Photos of Cynthia Osokogu’s alleged murderers


Here I bring you the pictures of Cynthia Osokogu murderers. Check out the alleged murderers   Check out the men who lured Cynthia to Lagos and kill her Read more […]

What is Wrong With this Picture?


This picture is taken from the ongoing Olympic. What do you think is wrong with this picture?

Funny Pictures Of The Day


What is Happening Here? When Corper Marry Soldier,

corpers wit soldier

When corpers marry soldier, what will they born? Is this what our corp member girls are doing in Camp?AYYGU6J4C4NT

See How This Girl Naked Herself In The Name Of Fashion

naked fashion

Is this the latest trend of fashion? Please tell me what is wrong with this picture?

What is Wrong With This Picture: Corper with Skirt

female corper with skirt

Are female corp member in Nigeria wearing skirt now? Please, what is wrong with this picture?

Spot The Difference In This Picture

veeda darko

Spot The Difference In This Picture. Check out the below picture, use the comment form to talk about the differences

What is Wrong With Picture


Hello Readers, what is wrong with this picture? Use the comment form to answer