Tips To Use Mtn 2Hours MB For 2Weeks. Browse Free

This is a Simple Tips on How to Use the MTN 2 Hours Bundle for Weeks/Months Unlimitedly. Someone Sent this Trick to Me, Now it has been Tested working by Some of Our FBT Crew, We all know the MTN Hour Plans? That cost just 250 for 2 Hours now, There is a way you can Use it for Months even when it expires. 1. Load upto N250 on your Phone, Then Send 2H to 131. You will be Subscribed to the MTN 2 Hours Plan with a Data cap of 150MB.. Don’t Panic. 2. So after Browsing and Downloading, Once its Read more […]

Mtn Latest Tweak For Opera Mini October, 2012

For those wanting to browse with Mtn this month. MTN is Back and Strong for Opera Mini, Dont Dull, Take it as its Hot. HTTP: Socket: Host: OR That’s it, Just start browsing free this month of October 2012


For those of you using laptop, desktop computer etc, I believe you cannot ignore the important of Anti Virus in your devices. I am about to give you a license key to use your Avast Antivirus till 2030. This is my gift to you for the month of October, use this effectively and enjoy the benefits of having a safe and virus free system. HOW DO I GET THIS AVAST ANTIVIRUS LICENSE To get this great offer, follow this step.          First, download Avast Anti 6.0 virus Here       Read more […]


For those wanting to browse free with their laptop without software using MTN, use the tweak posted below                          STILL WORKING PERFECTLY IN TOWNIP: 8080Homepage/Bookmark: or Visit site directly Don’t forget to share this info in your facebook Wall. Subscribe to our blog so as not to miss anything Read more […]


For pc browsing,TO GET STARTED1. DownloadProxomitron>> proxo-n45ja.zip2.Open the Downloaded File andUnzip it, After Unzipping it, Youwill see List of Files, LocateProxomitron.exe and Open it.3.On the Main Interface like theOne Above, Where you have”Active Filters”, Untick all theOptions and Leave Only”Outgoing Header Filters” and”Use Remote Proxy” ticked.4.By the Right Side of the MainInterface, On the “Edit Filters”Section, click on the “Headers”button. Read more […]