Exercising Tips for People Working from Home

While working from home, keeping fit to be a challenge for most people. The first thing you have to do is plan a day during the week in which you compromise with yourself to exercise at least 45 minutes. This will enable you to create a habit to the extent that your own body will remind you of your exercising needs. Needless to say, this is not the only thing you need to keep in mind if you want to stay fit; together with exercise you must plan healthy eating as well, and this will also help you Read more […]


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Photo Of Wiz Kid Girlfriend


Guess who all wanna know who Wiz Kid is going out with. He recently show us in Twitter, his lover. Check it out Latest post? Always check http://naijatips.com for latest tips

Photo Of Wiz Kid Girlfriend


Guess who all wanna know who Wiz Kid is going out with. He recently show us in Twitter, his lover. Check it out Latest post? Always

How to Register For ICAN Exams

ICAN has we all know is Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. It is a body that guide, regulates and control the Chartered Accountants in Nigeria. I previously wrote a post on how to Register for ICAN in Nigeria. If you had missed it, Go Now To How To Apply For Institute of Chartered Accountant Of Nigeria, ICAN After Registering for ICAN, you may like to register for the examination so as to pass and qualify as a Chartered Accountant. The purpose of this post is to guide Read more […]

JAMB Releases Dateline For Registration

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has releases dateline for the registration of 2013/2014 Jamb Examination Registration. JAMB officially announced March 15, 2013 as the closing date for the registration. Kindly Like this post, Share it with your friends. Cheers

NTI Admission And Registration

Nigeria Teachers Institute NTI is currently calling for admission and registration for the old and new students respectively. Naijatips is always there to get yo informed on how to apply for the admission and or pay for your course registration. The NTI offers opportunity for those seeking admission into NCE, PGDE and Advance Diploma in various courses one may select. If you are interested in NTI Admission, you need to follow the below steps:  READ MORE Read more […]

Picture of Osaze’s Son


See those cute eyes. Isn’t he adorable?

Rebecca Bernardo Auction Virginity to Pay Mum’s Hospital Bill


Rebecca Bernardo, High School Student Puts Her Virginity For Sale To Pay Sick Mother’s Medical Bill In Brazil Rebecca Bernardo, an 18-yr-old Brazilian high school student has followed the steps of a Brazilian model, Catarina Migliorini by auctioning off her virginity to pay for her sick mother‘s medical bill. Rebecca’s mother suffered stroke and has been bedridden for a while but her daughter who chose to take her to the hospital for treatment is not working. She is still in high school. To Read more […]

Girl Divorce Husband After Two Days


This is more than Kim Kandanshian story that divorce Humphery. Britney Spear also reign in having a short-time marriage. But getting divorce after two days top the above two marriage divorce. One may now ask why do they get divorced? Is it that the sex wasn’t interesting after marriage? Is it that the woman didn’t like what she saw after the marriage? More facts awaits you soon Have a nice day Read more […]