HELP!!!! I Love My Boyfriend So Much ….. But He Is Too Proud!!

kindly advise me on this issue cos am confused and simply dont know what to do.i have a guy who i have been dating for over 3yers now.i love him so much and i think he loves me too.this guy could be so loving and caring but i have a lot of isues with this guy and he seems lik he is not ready for a change.

when we talk about pride,dis my boyfriend he so proud (maybe becos he is comfortable),extremely possesive,gets angry easily even over lil isues,and when angry he uses abusive words on me like silly,crazy,mad and often times delete me from his blackberry contacts.this has been goin on for over 3years now.although he is the one always coming back to me after the quarels,but he wouldnt be the first to apologise because of his pride.he once told me that am the best woman for him .wuldnt know maybe its because he knows i dont reply him anytime he uses abusive words on me,all, i try to do is calm him down and beg him often even when am not wrong.he did the same yesterday,but i culdnt hold my patience anymore,i had to reply that he is crazy as well.i cant cope with his anger anymore ,i know he wuld stil find a way into my life again,should i accept him back tinking he would change with time or just let him go although it could hurt.need your advice

confused girl 300x134 HELP!!!! I Love My Boyfriend So Much ..... But He Is Too Proud!!

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