20 Ways To Love Your Man. A Must Read For Ladies

20 Ways To Love Your Man. A Must Read For Ladies

1. Always show him that he owns your heart.
2. Kiss him passionately and with much passion.
3. Give him romantic presents.
4. Always say “I Love You” – those three words mean a lot
5. Cuddle and give him big hugs.
6. Try cuddling on the sofa and watching romance movies together(really sweet!).
7. Always share your joy with him
8. Take pictures together and have fun!
9. Share your secrets with him.
10. Always let him know you care.
11. Give him a good massage if you are good at that kind of thing!
12. If he is angry,you keep out of his way till he calms down!
13. Always sing together with him 14. Run your finger through his hair just above his ear to help him fall asleep
Note: Not all guys like this!

15. Prepare candlelight/Romantic dinners and let him come home to it/just as surprise to show how romantic you can be! he would love it!
16. Always laugh at his jokes even if they are not funny…just pretend they are and laugh! otherwise
you make him look silly!and trust me,guys do not like that…one bit!
17.Text and ring him up.it shows how much you care!
18. Never build the relationship around his weaknesses.
19. Love his mum Passionately.
20. Be proud of him amongst your

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