Hi guys,
Today, I want to inform you that Airtel has reacted to the rush in the
reduction of the BIS subscription in Nigeria. Glo formally reduced to
N1400, Mtn Nigeria suprised us with N1500, and now, Airtel Nigeria has
finally reduced its to N1200.

For those using MTN and Glo reduced bb plan, you can attestify with me
that it is very slow compare to the full package subscription of
N3000. Pinging takes 5mins to deliver, opening of webpages takes a
longer minutes. But today, I want to inform you boldly that Airtel
Nigeria will solve this problem for you because it is very fast even
in a GPRS zone.

So guys, join the airtel blackberry supscription and enjoy your
blackberry services by texting bsm to 440.
Have a nice weekend.

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