Mtn Nigeria has released a new price and internet bundle package for its subscriber. This bundle can work for people using phones and modem equally.
The recent Mtn package gives 250MB for N1300 and 500MB for N2000. It also gives 1G of data allowance for N3500.
You can get all the recent mtn mobile internet  bundle and subscription codes below
Text “104″ to 131 for 10MB @ #100/day
Text “105″ to 131 for 25MB @ #400/week
Text “106″ to 131 for 100MB @ #1000/month
Text “109″ to 131 for 250MB @ #1300/month
Text “110″ to 131 for 500MB @ #2000/month
Text “111″ to 131 for 1GB @ #3500/month

Note: Out of bundle rate is now 5 kobo/KB
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